Don Benito’s Cassava now open for Franchising!



Key Qualifications for Franchise Applicants

G  Highly motivated and eager to learn.

A  Team work and passion to ensure the success of the brand into their respective areas.

B  Willingness to uphold the values that Don Benito’s abides by in all aspects of the business.

C  Personal readiness to participate in the different training programs that entail lectures and actual hands-on duty at our company-owned stores.

Application Requirements:

C  Submit a Letter of Intent through email, with subject “Letter of Intent to be an Affiliate”, addressed to Atty. Karlo Benito R. Cruz, indicating the proposed location.

C  Submit a location map that gives directions to the proposed area and indicates the near-by streets, landmarks, other locators.

C  Submit a detailed resume of the franchise applicant and a completely filled up Franchise Evaluation Form (FEF).

Steps in acquiring a Don Benito’s Cassava Cake franchise

Step 1: Submit requirements 1-3

Step 2: Attend a scheduled meeting at the Office

Step 3: Conduct a scheduled site inspection and approval

Step 4: Payment of Franchise Fee and Signing of Franchise Agreement


Frequently ask questions

How much is the starting investment?

The investment starts at php 250,000 to 300,000 depending on the location of the Affiliate. Each location will be evaluated and designed to suit the needs of the Affiliate. Some of the variable that is considered are the size of the area, visibility, and situation of the place.

What is the basis for approving an application?

Applications are evaluated based on two initial factors:

ü  Site/locations of prospective outlet

ü  Personal qualifications of the applicant


What if the proposed site is deemed not viable? May we still apply for another site?

Certainly! It would help to have a second location to present as an alternative site for your Don Benito’s outlet.

Who provides the outlet’s personnel?

The franchise operators are empowered to employ their own team members. Don Benito’s will assist you in the recruitment process and will provide the necessary training for personnel.

Will an operator receive continuing guidance in operating the DBCC outlet?

Of course! Representatives from Don Benitos will visit your outlet periodically to assess your operations, provide guidanceand conduct quality assurance checks for each operator. Our friendly personnel will be happy to answer any questions you may have. From time to time, refresher training programs are provided to ensure that we maintain the quality standards for service.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The term of the franchise agreement is 4 years. (Contracts are renewable for another term upon the Franchisee’s       compliance with renewal criteria and good operating performance prior to the renewal.)


How long will it take before an investment is recovered?

Like in any business, the actual rate of return depends on such factors as sales, the amount of investment, and the ability of an operator to effectively manage sales and expenses. The great news is that getting in business with one of the most-well-loved brands already gives you some measure of confidence that your new business will be a rousing success!

Who will prepare the store plans? Who will do the construction?

The store plans will have to be prepared by the franchisee and approved by the management. Theconstruction will have to be done by the franchisees contractor. Don Benito’s will provide the guidelines for the store plans. We have Don Benito’s-accreditedcontractors that you may commission if you wish but if you have a preferred and trusted contractor that wouldbe perfectly fine, as long as it conformsto the standard construction guidelinesof Don Benito’s Cassava Cake!The cost of the construction is something that you must prepare for.


For other inquiries you may call 711-01-41 OR 0922-885-25-69

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